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Who is My Iconic HR? 

My Iconic HR is a virtual human resources consulting company offering solutions to everything HR. Our key to success is providing the best quality Human Resource services to our clients around America, time after time again.  Backed by over 25 years of experience in the HR field, we harbor the skillset and knowledge in the industry you can trust.  

My Iconic HR will bring cutting-edge solutions that produces high quality, data-driven results. Our goal to optimize the functionality of your existing HR team, ensuring your in place HR team is covered with all of the latest trainings and compliance updates. We are here to support your team in anyway we can. 


We can also stand alone as your virtual HR team, offering you an elevated advantage in the marketplace. We customize our services to fit your specifics needs, so you never take on more than you have to. Through a partnership with ICONIC HR, companies and employees will create a legacy that drives them to their highest success. 

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