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Downloadable E-Books

As Human Resource professionals, we know how challenging it can be to stay on top of changing trends and important lawful information. We've made this process a bit easier for you by offering FREE electronic books containing updated information, processes and procedures, as well as recommendations from the professionals here at Iconic HR. We really hope you find these E-Books useful! 



Employee Classifications

Employee Classification identifies employees who are "exempt" from requirements set forth by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Employee Classification also helps you identify which benefits each class receives. 


Difficult Conversations 

Whether you are looking at termination, compensation, or exit interviews - difficult conversations are inevitable. When handled properly, you can expect a positive outcome for both you, and your employees. 

Conversation Between Colleagues_edited.j
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Employee Handbooks

Handbooks are more than rules, regulations, and company policies. They offer guidance and standards to be upheld ensuring your company functions at it's highest potential. 


A Recruitment Guide to Sourcing & Screening Candidates 

Recruiting the perfect candidate is about how you are sourcing, where you are sourcing from, and how long it takes to onboard your new hire. 

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